I build abstract paintings layered with the detritus of my daily experiences. I collect whatever may cross my path: narrative text scrawls from personal notes, letters and other discarded memorabilia, bits of scraps from here and there--or  snippets of conversations from my eavesdropping ventures. The immediacy of a text or an e-mail message, or a post on social media defines our new ephemeral nature of correspondence. I'm interested in the conservation of stories, in harnessing the moments of stasis as a counterpoint to the transient impermanence of this digital communication age. I gather artifacts from my loot and subsequently arrange and embed them in a viscose preserve of paint, ink and shellac that produce thick surfaces of crackle, crust and shimmer. Like pages from a journal, each artwork is an exercise in pushing paint around to articulate a tactile time capsule on canvas and paper.



My studio visit/interview with Gorky's Granddaughter: